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Our company has been part of the fishing industry since 1975. Our goals are to provide high quality products and top tier service: This includes advice, market know-how, order follow up, quality assurance and finally, we seek to build and maintain long term relationships between your company and ours. 

We are exclusive representatives of Interocean Brokerage LLC for the U.S market. For this company, as for our other represented partners, we manage the purchase of products from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. We are also associated with Sudamgel S.A.R.L (France), for the European market and with Ayamo Global Foods for the Brazilian market, for the trade of seafood and fish meal. Our commitment during this last 45 years has been the deep respect for the producer and buyer alike. We are located in Mar del Plata city, Argentina. Our city hosts the major fishing port of the country.


Maritime Bookings

Customs Management

Product Quality Assurance



Production Line Selection

Design and Packaging Creation

Marketing Investigation

Cold Storage Booking and Management


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Mar del Plata, Argentina

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